Suzuki Outboard Manuals

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Suzuki Outboard Manuals

With high-energy rotations, 2-stage gear reduction, battery-less electronic fuel injection and unparalleled speed and power, Suzuki Outboards help mariners have a truly great experience.

But for the motor to continue running optimally, it is absolutely necessary to maintain and repair it as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This is where a Suzuki Outboard manual comes in.

We have compiled the most comprehensive and in-depth research manual to help everyone from DIY enthusiasts to professionals – with this manual, anyone can understand the mechanism and intricate workings of Suzuki Outboards.

As such, the manual includes everything from the basics to pro-tips for diagnosing, maintaining and servicing your Suzuki Outboard. After all, we’ve got to carry on the legacy of Suzuki’s unprecedented technology.

Also known as a factory service manual, this is a highly recommended piece of documentation to have on you at all times. It contains a holistic description of the engine with an aim to inform the reader in the best possible manner.

Remember, only when you understand your Outboard’s engine, will you be able to do justice to its maintenance needs.

The manual is fully-illustrated and supported by detailed demos, diagrams, service information, exploded parts view and troubleshooting tips to get you started. Detailed step-by-step procedures follow so that the reader has no difficulty in following the instructions.

As an all-inclusive guide to help you tackle any technical fault or issue, you can expect to find information and maintenance tips on everything; from the fuel delivery system, full throttle operating range, steering, ignition system to engine mounting, gear ratio, gear shift and the exhaust system.

Overall, the Suzuki Outboard Manual is a highly reliable document written by industry experts with helpful tips such as break-in information for your outboard motor to ensure maximum performance.

And the best part is that this manual is available for different models so you can cater to your specific Outboard’s problems. In short, whether you own the 1988 model or have upgraded to the 2015 model, there is a different manual for each.

Simply pay the upfront fees to gain access to the PDF on your mobile or desktop for on-the-go consultation.


  1. I am in search of a manual for a 1986 Suzuki DT55 (55 h.p.) I am currently having no luck. Can you please help me?

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