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DOWNLOAD Dodge Challenger Repair Manual 2009-2016

You may want to invest in a Dodge Challenger repair manual if you own this muscle car. It can help you understand your vehicle better and make repairs to keep it in good condition. To find the right repair manual for your Dodge Challenger, you’ll need to know the year. The manual is divided by year because slight changes can make a difference in what parts and tools are necessary. Get a free Dodge Challenger service manual download.

What a Dodge Challenger Repair Manual is Used for?

Both professional mechanics and car owners who do some of their own maintenance and repairs rely on this manual. It will tell them what parts to purchase as well as what tools are needed to remove and replace the part.

The manual will provide step-by-step instructions for regular maintenance, such as changing the oil, replacing an air filter or switching out a headlight. It also helps you troubleshoot issues you may be having with the Dodge Challenger. Once you find out the cause of the problem, you can use the manual to show you how to make the repair.

Pictures accompany the instructions to help you know exactly what to do and the right steps to complete the task. Information provided is simple to understand so that even people without a lot of mechanical experience can follow along.

How to Get a Dodge Challenger Repair Manual?

You can download a repair manual from the website. You’ll want to make sure to choose the manual for the right year to ensure you receive the correct information. Even if you don’t do the task yourself, it can be helpful to read the manual so you can figure out the reason behind any problems you are experiencing.

The repair manual is not the same as the owner’s manual. With the owner’s manual, it provides information on how the vehicle runs and all features which are available with your model. It may contain some basic maintenance and repair information, but not every repair is included. With the repair manual for the Dodge Challenger, it is a complete listing for all parts on the model.

Other Available Manuals

Your Dodge Challenger may come with other manuals that will help you maintain your vehicle or learn more about it. For instance, a workshop manual will provide information for the most basic repairs, but it likely won’t contain instructions for every issue that could occur.

Another manual is the factory service manual which will provide more complicated instructions about repairing your Dodge Challenger as based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. This manual isn’t available for the public.

If you want to take care of your Dodge Challenger, it can be helpful to have a repair manual on hand. Download the manual from the manufacturer to help you keep this car in tip-top shape.

Downloadable Manuals Available for Instant Download

 20085.7L V8 R/T 
20086.1L V8 HEMISRT8
20093.5L V6 250 HPSE Coupe
20095.7 L 372/376 HP V8RT Coupe
20095.7 Liter V8R/T Coupe
20096.1 L V8SRT-8
20103.5 L V6 250HPSE 2DR
20105.7 L V8R/T Auto/Manual
20106.1 Liter V8SRT8
2011-20123.6L V6 305 HP2 Door
2011-20125.7 L 8-CylinderR/T Manual/Automatic
2011-20126.4L V8SRT-8/392
2012-20133.6 L 305 HPSXT Coupe
2013-20145.7 Liter V8RT
2015-20163.6L V6SXT or R/T
2015-20165.7L V8SXT or R/T
2015-20163.6 L V6SXT Plus or R/T Plus
2015-20165.7L V8 SXT Plus or R/T Plus
2015-20166.4L V8R/T Scat Pack
2015-20166.2L SuperchargedSRT Hellcat
2015-20166.4 L V8SRT 392
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