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Download Suzuki DF115 (DF 115) Repair Manual

Suzuki DF115 repair manual, also termed DF 115 outboard engine service manual or 115hp shop manual, is a book of instructions designed to aid factory trained mechanics or do-it-yourselfers through maintenance, troubleshooting and repair procedures.

Suzuki DF115 repair manuals are available in two formats; electronic digital download and paperback, although this article focuses on downloadable versions since they are easily obtainable and more practicable.

Keep reading to learn more about what you should expect when you download a Suzuki DF115 outboard repair manual.

What is a repair manual?

Suzuki Df 115 Repair Manual 2014 2013 2009 2008 2007

A repair manual is a book of repair instructions. Its purpose is to guide the user of the manual through maintenance, troubleshooting, service and repair procedures based on factory specifications.

As with all books, a repair manual contains a cover page, table of contents, main chapters and rear cover. Electronic manuals, or manuals that can be downloaded, look just like a printed book you would obtain in a store — no difference.

Repair manuals contain information about part removal, part disassembly, inspection, cleaning, assembly and part installation. You will find complete specifications such as torque specifications, part specification, troubleshooting guides and more.

2001 thru 2009 Suzuki DF115 repair manual

There are two repair manuals available for the Suzuki DF115 horsepower outboards. One manual covers 2001 thru 2009 models and the other covers 2013 thru 2014 outboards.

The 2001 to 2009 Suzuki DF115 repair manual is 616 pages. It covers DF115, DF115T, DF115W and DF115WT Suzuki outboard models. The manual contains the primary manual and eight supplement manuals.

Supplement manuals are manuals containing information about newer 115 horsepower models. It is necessary to use the primary manual and supplementary manual together.

The 2001 thru 2009 manual includes the following chapters; general information, maintenance, engine control system, electrical, fuel system, power unit, mid unit, power trim and tilt, lower unit and wire/hose routing.

This manual also contains high-quality photos, diagrams and illustrations. There is a zoom-in/out feature built into the pdf manual that you can use to get a closer look at important features of the repair process.

This is a high-end manual and the only book you should use to service and repair your outboard.

2013 thru 2014 Suzuki DF 115 repair manual

The 2013 thru 2014 Suzuki DF115 outboard repair manual is 384 pages. This manual covers DF115, DF115A, DF115AT and DF115AZ models.

The manual covers every aspect of maintenance, troubleshooting service and repair—everything from a basic oil change to complete engine overhaul can be performed using this manual. Chapters and sup-chapters include…


  • Precautions

General Information

  • General Information
  • Maintenance and Tune-Up

Power Head

  • Precautions
  • Engine Control
  • Engine Electrical Devices
  • Power Unit Mechanical
  • Power Unit Lubrication
  • Power Unit Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • Ignition System
  • Starting System
  • Charging System

Mid Unit

  • Precautions
  • Housing and Bracket
  • Power Trim and Tilt

Lower Unit

  • Precautions
  • Right Hand Rotation Unit
  • Left Hand Rotation Unit

Wire / Hose Routing

  • Precautions
  • Wire Routing
  • Fuel / Water Hose Routing


This manual provides step-by-step directions through the process of part removal, disassembly, inspection, cleaning, assembly and reinstallation. You will find troubleshooting guides to help you complete the repair work successfully.

So whether you need a Suzuki DF115 repair manual to do simple maintenance, engine overhaul or restoration, a download repair manual covers it all. So what are you waiting for, download your copy now!

The manual contains high-end photos, illustrations and diagrams.

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