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Yamaha Warrior 350, or ATV for short, have reached a level of extreme popularity in the modern recreational world. It comes as no surprise then that owners who have spent a lot of money on their machine would need a way to keep them running in top condition. This is where the Yamaha Warrior 350 Repair Manual comes in. This manual is a book of instructions and it contains all that the owner needs to know to perform routine maintenance, troubleshooting and in depth service on their all-terrain vehicle.

ATV’s are vehicles that contain four wheels and are used for traversing rugged terrain. The most common ATV’s are the aptly named 4-Wheeler, and the Side by Side. The primary difference between these two vehicles is that a 4-Wheeler has no cab and is generally suited for 1-2 riders while a Side by Side has a cab and can be suited for multiple passengers.

Download Yamaha Wolverine 350 Service Manual Pdf

What’s in a Yamaha Warrior 350 Repair Manual?

A Yamaha Warrior 350 repair manual will contain several sections. These will include:

  • General Information: Information on engine type and size, vehicle weight and drive type, oil weight and volume, spark plug types and gap settings, filter types, and more.
  • Basic Maintenance Procedures: Directions on changing oil, checking plug gaps, changing or cleaning air filter, greasing components, and airing tires to the proper volume.
  • Engine: Information pertaining to the block, cylinders, and valve operation. Part numbers will be given for ordering replacements as well as instructions for the removal and replacement of those parts.
  • Cooling system: This will include information on the water pump, radiator, thermostat, cooling fans, and coolant types. Repair instructions will also be included.
  • Fuel System: Contains the fuel type for the ATV as well as information about its fuel distribution system (carbureted or fuel injected).
  • Electrical systems: Wiring diagrams and information on the battery type. This will include wire gauges and appropriate voltage and amperage to each system.
  • Wheel, hubs, and breaks: Contains information on optimal tire size, rotors, brakes, calipers, and brake line connections. Directions on the removal and installation of these components as well as ordering information will also be found here.
  • Steering and Suspension: Directions on the removal and replacement of the steering wheel, drive shaft, axles, springs, and shocks.
  • Body: This will include instructions on the removal and replacement of body panels, cab components, accessories, and aesthetics.

In all sections information on the appropriate tools will be given so that the reader will be able to equip themselves appropriately for each of the tasks listed above.

Download a manual today!

Did you know you can download a Yamaha Warrior 350 repair manual straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone in seconds? The Digitally delivered Yamaha Warrior handbook is identical a repair manual you would buy in a store.

There are downloadable pdf manuals available for the following Warrior 350 models:

1987 YFM350XT Warrior 1988 YFM350XU Yamaha Warrior 1989 YFM350XW Warrior 350
1990 YFM 350 XA Warrior 1991 YFM350 XB Yamaha Warrior 1991 YFM350XB-MNH Warrior 350
1991 YFM350XD Warrior 350 1992 YFM350XD-MNH Warrior 350 1993 YFM350XE Yamaha Warrior
1993 YFM350XE-MNH Warrior 1995 YFM350XG-MNH Warrior 350 1995 YFM350 XG Yamaha Warrior
1996 YFM350XHR Warrior 1996 YFM350XH-MNHR Warrior 1997 YFM350XJ Yamaha Warrior
1997 YFM350XJ-MNH Warrior 1998 YFM350XKC Warrior 350 1998 YFM350XK Warrior 350
1999 YFM350XLC Warrior 1999 YFM350XL Warrior 350 2000 YFM350XMC Warrior
2000 YFM350XM Warrior 2001 YFM350XNC Warrior 350 2001 YFM350XN Warrior 350
2002 YFM350XP Warrior 2002 YFM350XPC Warrior 350 2003 YFM350XR Warrior 350
2003 YFM350XRC Warrior 2004 YFM35XS Warrior 350 2004 YFM35XSC Yamaha Warrior
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